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This page contains links to useful web sites which either have been featured on the tapes, or have been recommended to the talking computers magazine.

Anti-Virus & Fire Wall Software.

Look & Stop Fire Wall, added January 2008.

AVG Anti-Virus Program, updated December 2015.

NOD32 Anti-Virus Programme, added January 2008.

Download & Software Sites.

System Access To Go, added October 2008.

SF Audio Studio, added October 2008.

Napster Web Site, added May 2008.

White Stick Web Site, added February 2007.

Applian Web Site, added September 2008.

Petro's MP3 Tutorials, added September 2008.

Sendspace, added July 2009.

Express Burn Download Site, added April 2009.

AAddrfile,address label program, added January 2009 .

WebVisum Web Site, added November 2008.

CD Burner Program, added November 2008.

Skype home page, updated October 2016.

Apple Computers, added June 2008

Printer Ink Web Site, added June 2008.

AA Labels, added March 2008.

Media Players.

Winamp home page, added February 2010.

Foobar 2000, added February 2010.

Radio, Audio streaming & Podcast.

Spotify, added July 2009.

Insight Radio, added November 2007.

Accessible Friends Network, added November 2007.

Radio Hams Web Site, added October 2007.

Screen Readers & Magnifying Programs.

NVDA Screen Reader Home Page, updated December 2015

Freedom Scientific, the home of Jaws & Magic (USA), added January 2007.

JAWS Guides, added March 2009.

Sight and Sound, UK home of Jaws and Zoom Tech, added January 2007.

Force 10, suppliers of Window-Eyes, added January 2007.

Dolphin for Hal & Supernova, added January 2007.

Vict consultancy, add on for NVDA small charge for add on, added October 2012.

SA to go download, added 2007.

Webbie free accessible internet browser, added April 2008.

System Tools & Anti Spam Programs

File Splitter, added February 2011

7-zip, added December 2009.

Sendspace, added July 2009.

C cleaner, added May 2009.

Startup Applications, added March 2009.

Belarc Adviser Download site, added February 2009.

Anti-Spam Mail Washer website, added February 2009.

Text to speach.

NVDA OCR plugin download, added May 2012

Abby FineReader, added July 2009.

Claro Scan to Text, added August 2008.

Adobe Reader download, added November 2008.

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