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Hello all, unfortunately we have had to close the web site down due to a lack of a producer of the magazine, so no new material would be produced. The website will remain available as an archive of all the articles we have produced until the currant funding with the host runs out

Another company is in the process of taking over hosting and distribution the magazine. see below for details , Blind Mice Mega Mall.

The organisers off Talking Computers Terry, Ted, Liz and Ian would like to thank all the past contributers to the magazine. with special mentions to Jim Gamage, Vitor Ferreira, Carla Savage, Shane Jackson, David Griffith and Bill tatum.

Upcoming Relaunch and Change in Talking Computers Distribution

As of today, November 14, the website is active. The online distribution of the magazine will continue under the direction of Blind Mice Fm, a new internet radio station created by the Blind Mice Mega-mall. The station itself will syndicate the full magazine once a month, after which individual articles in the magazine issue will rerun every week. The date of syndication is to be determined.

There is currently no change slated for USB stick listeners who plan to continue receiving issues via mail.

Talking Computers is a free monthly audio magazine about using computers; especially for visually-impaired people who use screen-readers and other aids.

All the editing and copying is done by volunteers. All of the articles are provided by the listeners.

Please do not be put off by this, the subjects dealt with are not usually complex, some of the articles may prove useful to the sighted as well and many of the web sites recommended on this site are not only for the visually-impaired, but are sites that have been found easy to use.

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